ViperMig 180amp Mig Welder by RazorWeld

ViperMig 180amp MIG Welder by RazorWeld Review

This one hundred and eighty amp MIG welder by Razorweld is definitely a lightweight welding machine that deserves a second look.

While Razorweld isn’t a brand that many people are familiar with, their line of welding machines come loaded with some great features.

This model, in particular, features the type of portable design that hobbyists and some pros can appreciate. While this machine doesn’t have the type of power that allows it to compete with major brand names or top models such as the Hobart 500554001 Handler 190, it’s a handy welder to have and one that excels at spot welding.

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Overview and Features

MIG welding is considered by the pros to be the easiest type of welding process to learn, however, despite being easy to learn it can still be difficult to use, especially if you need to weld outdoors on a windy day, or you’re working with thinner metal. MIG welding doesn’t offer the type of control that’s needed for certain tasks and because of this, it’s not as widely used as stick or TIG. However, Razorweld has changed all of that, creating an innovative welding machine that comes loaded with some of the best features you’ll find on a TIG machine.

The Vipermig isn’t like your usual MIG welding machine. It comes loaded with some extra features, easy to use controls and settings that will put you more in control of the welding process.

ViperMig: Quick Verdict


This MIG welder may not offer the type of performance that the pros can rely on for bigger, tougher jobs, but it is a great choice for hobbyists or home repairs. It can also come in handy if you need a lightweight model to use for spot welding on the job.

Overall, this is a reliable, lightweight MIG machine that’s highly portable and easy to use.

Package Details

This model comes with a nine-foot MIG gun and a nine-foot ground and stinger.


This is an inverter MIG style welding machine that offers one hundred and eighty amps, so it’s powerful enough to handle moderately thick metals. The model is also pretty versatile, allowing you to weld both gas-less and gas shielded applications. This means it’s a good choice if you need a model that can be used both indoors and outdoors in windy conditions.

Intuitive Controls

With a MIG machine, learning how to weld thin metal can be tricky, in fact, using a TIG machine is usually a better option since TIG will give you more control over the welding process. However, this model comes equipped with controls that allow for simple adjustments regarding both wire feed and voltage. This allows you to set simple welding parameters based on the type of metal you’re working with.

Duty Cycle

The Vipermig features a duty cycle of thirty percent at one hundred and eighty amps, which is better than average for a MIG machine in this price range.

Dual Voltage

This welder features one hundred and fifteen to two hundred and twenty volts with included pigtail. The dual voltage design also adds to this model’s versatility.

We were surprised to find out that this model features a dual voltage setup, mainly because you’ll usually find it on higher priced TIG welding machines, so this is a huge plus for any user.


Unlike other models in this price range, the Vipermig comes with a one-year product warranty, which is a huge selling point for the potential buyer searching for a reliable welder that’s designed to last.

Burn Back

This adjustment will leave the wire out and ready to go or the next weld.

ARC Capability

The welding machine’s ARC capability provides high-quality results by delivering easy electrode welding. And the result? The welds will be tougher and cleaner.



This MIG welding machine comes with added ARC function. The ability to weld with both gas-less and gas shielded applications adds to this model’s versatility. Additionally, adjusting the wire feed and voltage is fast and simple, making this welding machine very user-friendly.

The Wire Inch provides a smooth wire feeding process, so gas wastage is minimal at best. The fact that this model offers dual voltage is another big selling point that the pros will love.

This model is perfect for the workshop or the DIYer in need of a more versatile MIG welding machine that’s available at a reasonable price.

This is a welding machine that offers some great features that are designed to improve the user experience, however, it doesn’t come with the type of power and precise control that will allow users to handle thicker materials. We would recommend this model for spot welding or home repairs, but it’s not the best choice for pro use.

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  • Wire inch feature for minimal gas wastage
  • Dual voltage
  • Lightweight design
  • ARC capability
  • Burn Back
  • Thirty percent duty cycle
  • Offers a more precise MIG welding experience
  • Weighs just thirty pounds
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • Reasonably priced


  • Not powerful enough to handle thicker materials
  • A better option for the home workshop or for the DIYer

Conclusion and Rating

Vipermig 180amp MIG Welder

Product Rating: (4.5/5)

The Vipermig may not be able to compete with the big boys, but it offers many of the top of the line features you’ll commonly find on higher priced models.

This is an ultralight MIG welding machine that comes with some handy features that are designed to improve welding control and user experience. It’s true that this model is very beginner-friendly, but it doesn’t have the type of features or versatility that can qualify it for pro use. However, it’s a great buy for the beginner or DIYer. We gave this model a rating of four and a half stars out of five stars.

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